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Peer Support & Education Groups

Gadsden Woman to Woman wants you to know you're not alone. Join one of our groups today.

Health & Wellness

Gadsden Woman to Woman offers many services for women age 14 to 44 and their children.

Case Management & Counseling

Promoting optimal health both physically and mentally for women age 14 to 44.

Family & Parenting

Gadsden Woman to Woman offers comprehensive in-home and group parenting training for consumers enrolled.

Peer Support & Education Groups

Peer Support and Education Groups meet once a week and give women a fun way to talk about things that are important to them and their family. You can get answers to questions about almost anything. A lot of the activities are hands on and peer facilitated. Consumers gain facts about their health and wellness, how family health history and habits can influence them, how stress can affect the body, how the environment can affect their overall health, and so much more! Consumers are able to draw on the wisdom of their facilitator and in the same time develop their skills as facilitators or peer advocates. Since 2001 more than 3,000 women have attended the peer support groups and studies show that a a significant number of these women have learned a lot about the risk factors that affect their health, pregnancy, and the birth of a child. Many women who have attended the Peer Support and Education Groups have changed unhealthy behaviors like poor eating habits, not getting preventive or well woman health care. And many have also gotten additional help with things like receiving a GED or better housing, and getting out of a bad relationship. These groups are conducted throughout Gadsden County in the local communities as well as the schools.

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