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Peer Support & Education Groups

Gadsden Woman to Woman wants you to know you're not alone. Join one of our groups today.

Health & Wellness

Gadsden Woman to Woman offers many services for women age 14 to 44 and their children.

Case Management & Counseling

Promoting optimal health both physically and mentally for women age 14 to 44.

Family & Parenting

Gadsden Woman to Woman offers comprehensive in-home and group parenting training for consumers enrolled.

Health & Wellness

Gadsden Woman to Woman offers many services for women age 14 to 44 and their children, including:

  • Counseling services help women who are feeling depressed or sad or feel unsafe. You can talk to a counselor in private for any reason. Sometimes people can be stressed out because of children and work. These people need a little help to feel better. We have a full-time counselor on staff to help.
  • Physical health assessment means a nurse will come to your home and take your blood pressure and other vital signs. You can ask questions about your medications or go over any instructions from your doctor or any other medical questions you have.
  • Nutrition services are provided in the home that include how to eat healthier foods, lose weight, stretch your grocery dollars and how to cook healthy meals for your family.
  • Exercise health education We offer individual and group exercise instruction, including “ZUMBA” classes.

If you are a woman between the ages of 14 – 44 and you have a question or need help, call us at (850) 875-4959 or 875-4963 and ask to speak to our program manager.

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