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Want to take care of the ones you love?
Start with you. Be smart. Be healthy.

Peer Support & Education Groups

Gadsden Woman to Woman wants you to know you're not alone. Join one of our groups today.

Health & Wellness

Gadsden Woman to Woman offers many services for women age 14 to 44 and their children.

Case Management & Counseling

Promoting optimal health both physically and mentally for women age 14 to 44.

Family & Parenting

Gadsden Woman to Woman offers comprehensive in-home and group parenting training for consumers enrolled.

Want to take care of the ones you love?

Start with you. Be smart. Be healthy.

Moms know it’s important to take good care of their families. But sometimes, moms need a shoulder to lean on, a helping hand, or advice on how to deal with it all. Sometimes, a friend is just what you need. It’s important for a woman to take care of herself so she can care for her family. Gadsden Woman to Woman is a place where women come together to help each other be smart and be healthy.

DID YOU KNOW? Here are some good health tips to live by:

    • PREVENT OR CONTROL DIABETES. Especially if you have family members with diabetes, watch what you eat and get good exercise on most days.

    • WATCH YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE. Stroke and heart problems are related to high blood pressure. Keep yours under control.

    • GET TO A HEALTHY WEIGHT. Being under or overweight can make you sick in many different ways. Eating right and moving more helps get your weight under control.

    • DOUCHING IS NOT HEALTHY! You can get infections, cause pregnancy problems and irritate your body. A good shower can make you just as confident.

    • PRACTICE WELLNESS. Make healthy choices every day by eating well, exercising more, reducing stress, and getting health checkups often.

    • SMOOTH OUT STRESS. Worry, anger and depression aren’t healthy for anyone, especially if you are pregnant or caring for a family. Work out what’s bothering you and ask for help.

  • DON’T FORGET YOUR TEETH. Especially if you are pregnant, healthy teeth and gums are important. Brushing and flossing your teeth are good habits to teach your children, too.


The Federal Healthy Start Initiative in Gadsden County. Decreasing Racial Disparity in Infant Mortality. Funded by Health Resources and Services Administration, DHHS.

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